About Us

About Us

We’re just two best friends blogging to create something fun together! We hope you find enjoyment in reading our posts. Here’s a little bit about us. 

I’m Bryna, I was born and raised in Canada and have since moved to Virginia with my husband and two children. We are an active duty Air Force family and feel like we’re constantly on the go. Some of my passions include plants, animals (particularly horses), online gaming and saving money!
I hope to create posts that are funny, informational and honest.

And I’m Monica. I was born in England and have lived quite a few different places as a military brat before my father retired. We are also an active duty Air Force family. My husband, our two children and our two doggos are currently living in Florida and are also always on the go. Some of my passions include: saving money (especially when I love to shop),reading, education, cooking, and traveling! I hope to create posts are are informational, encouraging/inspiring, and relatable.

How We Met

We met through a wonderful Facebook group for Air Force Spouses. Bryna posted about flying into Dallas/Forth Worth and asking for ride to Wichita Falls to surprise her husband. Monica promptly offered to help as she was also travelling to visit her husband that weekend. We quickly found out that our husbands were in the same career field, only 2 weeks apart in their training, and likely already knew each other. We chatted and laughed the whole way to the base, and when we arrived we knew we’d stay in contact. We’ve been best friends ever since, even though we got stationed on opposite ends of the country, our daily conversations keep us tied together as if we’re next door neighbors, constantly in on each other’s daily shenanigans.
We hope that one day the Air Force will be kind enough to force our husbands to the same base, we we may become neighbors.

We have a variety of posts about topics we value. Our personal experiences, our interests, and our life hacks are here to share. 
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