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Savy Saving – Our Saving, Spending, Couponing and Budgeting Styles.

Welcome to our Savy Saving Page! Looking for little ways to save money? We know tips and tricks, we hunt down big deals and we dabble in extreme couponing. And of course, we’ve got the latest and greatest deals to share so you can save money too. We know it’s become seemingly impossible to keep up with inflation while having a growing family, but we’re doing our best to make it work.
This is what works for us to spend our hard earned money smarter, as well as save money each month. It doesn’t matter if you’re working or a Stay at Home Mom, there are always ways to save and feel like you can contribute financially.
Below we have posts that include;

  • Apps and websites to get you started on saving money on groceries and household items (Coin Out, Ibotta)
  • How to find advertisements for deals while shopping (Flipp)
  • Information for Black Friday shopping
  • Budgeting information with how to cut down on your expenses
  • How to know what the most important things are in your budget
  • How to get started on “Extreme” Couponing

We’re sharing multiple options and experiences for those who are looking to save money in little ways, that will add up. Here we can pass on some of our family’s saving and budgeting habits to our readers. Furthermore, we believe that some savy savings will improve your overall financial quality of life.

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Savy Saving

My Coin Out Experience

Of all of the cash back or rewards apps I’ve tried, Coin out is probably the easiest and lowest maintenance one. It’s so straightforward and takes very little time to get started. It’s easy to stay motivated and keep using this app. In this Savy Savings post, I’ll go over…

Savy Saving

My Ibotta Experience

About the App Ibotta is in short a cash back app for spending on groceries, household items and more. Many of the common shopping stores have items that you can want money back on by purchasing online or in store. The products and the money back change regularly and sometimes…