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All of our posts that show off the crafts and activities we’ve tried with our families!
Crafting can be a fun hobby for adults and for children.
As adults we can find a fun release and sense of accomplishment when we craft for ourselves. Anything from decorations for around the house to gifts for others can be a rewarding project to work on. When involving the kids, its fun to make craafting projects that hold loving memories as well.
We also enjoy activities that are low mess, and low se up time so the kids can get to playing right away! They’re always so impatient to get started, and having some easily set up homemade games is always a  fun bonus.

Our posts show a variety of crafts and activities we’ve found from others and tested or ones we’ve come up with ourselves! If you’re interested in these, feel free to follow along or leave a comment with a suggestion!

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Crafts and Activities

Miniverse Plant Series Review

MGA’s Miniverse Plant Series Figures Recently, I saw a Facebook post in one of the local plant groups I follow that highlighted the most adorable collectable toys – MGA’s Miniverse Figures! Of course I had to see what the excitment was for myself. I purchased three of the surpise toys,…

Crafts and Activities Home Decoration

DIY Dollar Store Fall Pumpkin Wreath

DIY Dollar Store Fall Pumpkin Wreath At the beginning of Fall I made my first wreath of the year! Took long enough, but if there’s any season to get me into the crafting spirit, it’s Fall. I was sure to take lots of photos along the way for anyone who…