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All of our nail tips, tricks and care, plus some fun art and styles! We’re keeping our nails looking fabulous while putting them to the test with housework, kids and other daily activities.

In the second summer during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was able to enroll in an online Manicurist program at the community college near our Active Duty station in California. I attended full days via Zoom for 13 weeks to learn proper nail care, different servicing options, diseases and disorders, and nail art. We were also taught about the state laws and regulations, as well as the pros and cons to running a salon versus renting a chair in one. I mostly learned how to apply acrylic nails in school. Since then I’ve included gel polish, dip and poly gel to my skill set.
I passed my California Liscensing Exam in November of 2021. I found out shortly before the exam that I was pregnant with our second child, so I postponed working as a nail technician. Waiting turned into moving back to Canada for a year, then moving to Virginia! Now that I’m here and settling in I’ll be working on refining my skills and building up some clientle. Requests for seeing designs are welcome! – Bryna

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We’ll post nail art we love, designs we’ve tried ourselves and helpful information for proper nail care from home! Healthy nails can go a long way in feeling confident.

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