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Over the years most families are bound to have their hearts stolen by their pets, and ours are no exception!

My family and friends always said I basically grew up in a zoo. If there’s a household animal, I’ve probably owned it. My mother is a huge animal lover, so I was fortunate enough to experience all kinds of love from pets. Since adulthood, I haven’t had nearly the same amount of pets as I did growing up, but I’ve had a few. I always have my door, and my heart, open to more. – Bryna

Monica Insert

Both of us are hooked on our dogs now! Monica owns two large dogs, and Bryna owns a Poodle puppy.
We’ll share our funny stories and adventures of our boys! Not to mention past stories that we treasure from our other pets or wild furry friends. We’ll also give insights and recommendations for our favorite pet products.

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Meet Our Hermit Crabs

 SMeet Our Hermit Crabs During Thanksgiving last year we went to Virginia Beach for the day with my Sister-in-law for a day trip. Unintentionally, the kids and I returned home with a pair of hermit crabs. So, read below to meet Jack and Sally. Pet Surprise Hermit crabs were definitely…


Meet Beau

The weekend of my son’s first birthday we drove from our rental home in Virginia down to North Carolina to meet our Standard Poodle puppy Beau.  This post is so you can also meet Beau! Picking out Beau We originally went to the breeder with the intention of purchasing a…