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Since we are both Moms of two, we lead busy and active lifestyles. Working and keeping up with our children and households doesn’t always leave ample amounts of time for ourselves to focus on getting crazy fit or eating a well planned diet. Our Health and Fitness Section focuses on making smart choices for our bodies and feeling good!

We both take the time to consider small and easy ways to make changes that will have a great impact on our health, and our family’s health.
Some of our main focuses are on short, personalized work outs that are easy to fint into our daily routines. We practice targeting certain physical features or goals to work towards. We keep it exciting by changing it up every month or so.
We also like to include healthy AND delicious options in our snacks and meals, without additional time or prep work.
As we mention multiple times on our blog, we’re also financially concious. This of course extends into our health and fitness choices! If the options are expensive, we probably aren’t recommending them, and alternatively we’re offering another, less expensive option.

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