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Home decoration and beautification may not always be at the top of our to-do lists, but we still take pride in the spaces we can spend some time on.

We love thrifty ways to make our homes our own. All of our home decoration posts will include how and why we’ve made changes to our spaces to reflect our styles and of course our practical needs.

My style is more traditional. My home decor is focused on practicality and being inviting and cozy for my family and house guests. I value organization in my home. I decorate at a slower pace, and tend to change my accent pieces based on the holidays and seasons more than keeping up with all of the latest trends. – Bryna

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We hope that you’ll find inspiration from our homes to bring into yours. We’re prettying up our houses one spot at a time!

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DIY Dollar Store Fall Pumpkin Wreath

DIY Dollar Store Fall Pumpkin Wreath At the beginning of Fall I made my first wreath of the year! Took long enough, but if there’s any season to get me into the crafting spirit, it’s Fall. I was sure to take lots of photos along the way for anyone who…