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Meet Our Hermit Crabs

 SMeet Our Hermit Crabs During Thanksgiving last year we went to Virginia Beach for the day with my Sister-in-law for a day trip. Unintentionally, the kids and I returned home with a pair of hermit crabs. So, read below to meet Jack and Sally. Pet Surprise Hermit crabs were definitely…

Crafts and Activities

Miniverse Plant Series Review

MGA’s Miniverse Plant Series Figures Recently, I saw a Facebook post in one of the local plant groups I follow that highlighted the most adorable collectable toys – MGA’s Miniverse Figures! Of course I had to see what the excitment was for myself. I purchased three of the surpise toys,…


Best Friends Reunited – My Weekend in Florida

Best Friends Reunited – My Weekend in Florida How do I even begin to describe seeing my best friend for the first time in over six years? We both knew that no matter what we did or didn’t do this weekend we were just grateful for the opportunity to converse…


National Houseplant Day

National Houseplant Day   January 10th is National Houseplant Day,! Now that I know it exists I can officially say this is one of my favourite “holidays”! Me and my green thumbs are happy to show off some of our collection. I tend to take good care of my plants,…

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DIY Dollar Store Fall Pumpkin Wreath

DIY Dollar Store Fall Pumpkin Wreath At the beginning of Fall I made my first wreath of the year! Took long enough, but if there’s any season to get me into the crafting spirit, it’s Fall. I was sure to take lots of photos along the way for anyone who…


Hershey Family Trip

September 2023 is a busy month for our family! Our Labor Day Weekend started out with a 5 hour drive up north to Hershey, Pennsylvania to visit a friend and to see Hershey’s Chocolate World. Here’s our family trip to Hershey and Chocolate World. Friday  – Arrival to Hershey We…

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